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Child Restraints

Public passenger vehicles, such as taxi, limousine and ride-share services, aren’t required to supply child restraints to their customers. However, given enough notice, you may pre-book one of these services with a child restraint. Alternatively, you can supply and use your own child restraint. When ordering please let us know if you require a front or rear facing seat or just a booster seat. Seats are $10 each.

Airport Meet & Greet Point

For all airport pickups we ask that you turn on your mobile phone on landing. The driver will then contact you normally via SMS to advise of the exact meeting location.

What if my flight is delayed?

Don’t worry, drivers track all flights and amend the arrival time to suit your flight if delayed. You may however have to wait to fit in with the drivers schedule should your delay interfere with other pickups. We will however endeavour to pick you up as close to your new landing time as possible.

Do Children count in Total number of Passengers?

Yes, we count all kids or even infants as passenger. Australian law, each traveler needs to sit on own seat.

Should I take out travel insurance?

Whilst Warren's Luxury Transport is fully insured with Public Liability Insurance, Comprehensive Car Insurance and CTP Insurance we strongly recommend passengers purchase travel insurance prior to departure as Warren's Luxury Transport Do Not Take Any Liability if you miss your flight, your flight is cancelled or you are unable to travel.

What if my flight is cancelled?

Please contact our office via SMS or Email to let us know and we will let you know the next steps.

What if my booking details are incorrect?

Please be advised that it is customers responsibility to verify the above booking confirmation details are accurate and correct. If you find any error in the booking details, please contact us

Will adding an extra stop cost more?

We can advise you of extra costs only at the time it is requested. As every situation is different, there is no guideline or rate that would be applicable for all changes. However, its minimum $10/- Per stop

Can I consume food or drinks in the vehicle?

Legislation states that no food or drinks are to be opened or consumed in a Public Passenger vehicle at any time.

What if I am delayed with baggage or customs?

You must contact us as soon as possible to inform us about the delay and we will wait for up to one hour from the time your flight has landed. After which waiting time applies. As long as you contact us your driver will not leave. If you fail to contact us and no communication has made you will forfeit your full fare. Due to conditions outside our control you will need to seek recourse from the party responsible for the delay. We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance to cover such incidents.

What if my flight is early?

If your flight arrives early, we will always try and get a driver to you earlier, but this is not always possible. All the cars and drivers have a rostered day, and, in some situations, you might have to wait if your flight has arrived early. We do track all the flights and will make every effort to pick you up as soon as possible, however we cannot guarantee picking you up before the scheduled time.

Are you a registered with BPS?

Yes we are. Our Authorisation number is BSP-438826.

Do you have a working with children check?

Yes our driver does have a working with children clearance. This can be provided on request.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us here.

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