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Warrens Luxury Transport Terms and Conditions


General Terms of Carriage


Warrens Luxury Transport (Warrens) and its associated Operators and Licensees are not common carriers and reserve the right to refuse service to any person(s) without providing a reason. Warrens and each Operator and Licensee are responsible for services provided by them and are not liable for any other services.


By confirming a booking with Warrens, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS. Your confirmation of a booking implies your acceptance and binding agreement to these terms.


Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees hold no responsibility for costs or losses, including missed flights or travel connections, resulting from diversions, substitutions, alterations, cancellations, delays, or booking errors. It is the hirer's responsibility to promptly inform us of any changes, as such changes may incur additional costs.


Passengers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the state they are traveling in and adhere to the instructions of Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees.


Except as otherwise provided by these terms and to the extent permitted by law, Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees are not liable for death, injury, loss, or damage to personal property, delays, or any consequential loss arising directly or indirectly from negligence, omission, or any other cause in connection with the provision or non-provision of services. Furthermore, Warrens is not liable for inaccuracies in any information concerning transport services or pricing.



Changes or amendments to your booking after confirmation are subject to availability. Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees reserve the right to charge an amendment fee for any changes to your booking, in addition to any other applicable charges related to the amendment.


Consumption While in Vehicle

Food and beverages, excluding bottled water, are not allowed to be consumed in the vehicle.


Credit Card Surcharge

Credit card surcharges may apply at the discretion of the local Customer Service Centre where the service is provided.


Credit Card Transaction

If the transport or service is purchased with a credit card, the purchaser agrees to make payment in full when billed or in accordance with the standard policy of the credit card issuer.


Customer Safety

Our drivers are committed to driving at safe and reasonable speeds, following legal speed limits, traffic regulations, and current road conditions. The driver reserves the right to deny access to any venue they believe might jeopardize the safety of passengers and the vehicle.


Damage to Vehicle and Inappropriate Behaviour

Our drivers will at all times drive at safe and sensible speeds and in accordance with legal speed limits, traffic, and current road conditions, and furthermore, the driver reserves the right to deny access to a venue they feel may put the passengers and the vehicle in an unsafe situation.



The hirer is responsible for any charges levied by Warrens, its Operators, or Licensees in the event that changes are made to the original booking, either by the booker or passenger. This includes extra charges for extending the duration of your booking and adding additional stops to the original booking.


Extra Charges

In the event of extra charges or extensions (refer to the section on Extensions), the passenger is required to pay the extra charge immediately to the chauffeur, either prior to or upon the completion of the transfer. All extra charges will be communicated as soon as they are identified.



Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees are insured for passenger travel. This insurance covers public liability and is not a substitute for travel insurance. While every effort will be made to ensure the safekeeping of personal property, we do not accept liability for the loss or damage of personal items. Please ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for your personal property brought onto our vehicles.


Lost & Found

Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees will not assume liability for any lost or misplaced personal property. In the event a customer leaves personal items in the vehicle, Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees will make reasonable efforts to return the items to the customer at their expense or the items may be collected from our Customer Service Centre.


Luggage/Baggage Information

Our luggage limitations are typically two (2) normal-sized suitcases (check-in size for a plane) plus two (2) pieces of hand luggage/soft luggage (carry-on for a plane) or one (1) large suitcase plus one (1) set of Golf Clubs and one (1) soft luggage. If you have more luggage than a sedan can accommodate, it is advisable to book a larger vehicle such as a People Mover with a trailer, subject to availability. Additional luggage transfers will incur additional costs, which will be communicated at the time of booking. Suitcases will not be transported inside the passenger area of the vehicle due to transport regulations and safety concerns.


Multiple Pickup/Set Down

Additional charges will apply for all extra pickup/set downs required en-route unless previously quoted.


On Time

Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees are committed to providing an on-time service, and all reasonable efforts will be made to achieve this. However, in the unlikely event of our drivers being late due to circumstances beyond their control, no liability will be accepted by Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees.



With the exception of "guide or hearing dogs," pets are not permitted in our vehicles. A blanket/mat must be provided by the passenger traveling with such dogs.



Prices quoted are current at the time of the quotation and are subject to availability at the time of booking. All quoted prices include GST. Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees reserve the right to pass on, without prior notice, any increases in applicable airport charges, road and bridge tolls, entry fees, or parking charges. In the case of airport pickups, if passengers are delayed after arriving at the terminal, additional fees may apply for each additional 5 minutes or part thereof. Please refer to the Waiting Time section of the Terms & Conditions for further details.


Seat Belts

Under relevant laws, all passengers must wear seat belts where fitted at all times when the vehicle is in motion.



Smoking is not permitted in any Warrens vehicle, as it is prohibited by state law. Charges may apply at the discretion of the chauffeur or Warrens if any passenger is found to be smoking in any Warrens vehicle or service provider's vehicle.


Special Event Bookings

For special occasions such as weddings, school formals, sporting events, and concerts, either full payment or a deposit may be required. If a deposit is made, full payment is required either before or at the conclusion of the event. Additional surcharges may apply to such events. Credit card details are required to secure all bookings.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation charges will apply when:

  • Cancellations are made with less than 1 hour's notice prior to the dispatch of the vehicle bookings within the metropolitan area.

  • Cancellations are made with less than 24 hours' notice for minibuses, buses, or coaches (8 seats and above).

  • Stricter cancellation policies may apply to any of the above and will be advised to you at the time of booking, superseding the above policies.

Special Cancellation Policy applies for Weddings and Events.

As-Directed or Hourly Booking Cancellation Terms:

  • Full charges will apply when cancelling a Mini-bus or a Bus/Coach booking within 24 hours from the scheduled pick-up time.

  • Full charges will apply when cancelling a Sedan, SUV, or a People Mover booking less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

  • A 50% charge applies when cancelling a Sedan, SUV, or a People Mover booking between 12 hours and 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

Please note that the above terms and conditions are subject to change and are binding upon acceptance of our services. By engaging our services, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

Public Holidays

Some surcharges may apply on public holidays; please check with the Customer Service Centre when making bookings. Typically, surcharges are incurred on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve/New Year's Day in most cities. Surcharges do not typically apply on most other public holidays in major cities.


After Hours Surcharges

A 25% Surcharge may apply for all vehicle type bookings that begin between midnight and 04:59 hrs.

Please note: Certain contracts or rate schedules may contain different terms than those listed above. The terms within valid and current contracts and/or rate schedules will supersede the above terms regarding After Hour Surcharges.


Child Restraints

As Warrens is classified as a pre-booked service, sufficient notice is expected for fitting a child restraint, unlike taxi services. Therefore, all children under the age of 8 years must be seated in a Baby Capsule, Baby Seat, or Booster Seat, as determined by Australian Law. We only supply Booster seats. Prior notice is required if child restraints are required. While drivers will take care in installing child restraints safely, parents/caregivers are strongly encouraged to check them before the journey starts.



If you are traveling with a significant amount of luggage, please discuss this with our reservations team to ensure the appropriate vehicle and trailer are allocated to your transfer. If a vehicle and trailer arrive, and your luggage does not fit, and the capacity was not discussed prior, you will be required to book an additional taxi service to move all remaining luggage at your expense. Warrens is not liable for additional charges related to luggage capacity exceeding limits.


Limits of Liability & Insurance

The maximum liability, if accepted, will be limited to a refund for the trip in question. All care will be taken, but no liability will be assumed. No claim for liquidated damages, consequential loss, or any other costs will be assumed.



Warrens, its Operators, and Licensees shall not be liable to the Customer for any indirect loss and/or expense (including loss of profit) arising from a breach of this contract.


Privacy Policy & Personal Information

The website is the website of Warrens Luxury Transport. By using this site and/or the individual Customer Service Centers, you agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.


Use of Personal Information

Your personal information is used for the hiring of Warrens services and for that purpose alone. By entering the Warrens secure website booking facility, you understand that all information provided by you is your sole responsibility, and Warrens accepts no responsibility for any incorrect information provided regarding the hiring made through this facility. Your personal information may be retained for use in future bookings. If at any time you believe the information is incorrect, you may contact us to have it corrected.


Credit card details are stored securely for the purpose as outlined in our terms and conditions of hire. Warrens staff, its Operators, and Licensees are obliged under a Confidentiality Deed to keep personal information secure.



Warrens may be obliged to surrender your personal information to regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials in accordance with applicable law. Personal information may also be disclosed to identify, contact, or bring legal action against anyone damaging, injuring, or interfering with our rights or property.

Current as of September 1st 2023.

This can be changed without notice. 

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